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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  December 22, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EST

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9:00 on a tuesday morning. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. great show, romance everywhere, in the next five minutes. >> we have a very sweet story to tell you. so hang on. >> dr. siegelman is here. we had an incident on saturday, when we were rolling, brian kuebler was in owings mills and we're seeing this man put his hand into a snow blower to get it from being unclogged. the worst happened. the doctor is here to tell us to stop that stuff and also to prevent other injuries he doesn't want to see this christmas season. >> we're also going to talk
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about understanding returns. have you ever had something that was not the right gift so you had to take it back? wrong size, wrong color? >> yeah. >> there's a state law, different stores have different policies. we'll work it out for you. on the 26th, when you take whatever it is back to the store, it will go smoothly. mothers against drunk driving. i love them both. they are going to be here and will talk about cookies for cops. we're going to explain their effort here. i think you'll be baking once you hear their story. >> great story. we're also going to talk about car tips. many people are traveling. so the folks from black & decker are here to let us know what we can do -- you have the basics. you know to check the pressure in the tires. perhaps the oil in the car but the things we don't really think about. they are here for that. get ready to have a little bit of a dreamy show. some of the folks from dream girls are here. the show is amazing.
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i've been talking about it. >> it's great. >> i've seen it twice! it's so good. it really is. >> they are going to be here, dreamy i here. >> they are. you're going to like it. i got this note. jackie harden wrote in. she said gleana middle school in kent county was challenged by the principal to donate 1,600 pounds of donated items to feed the hungry this christmas season. so the principal exceeded it, in good age ate two worms friday and plans to eat 10 more when they come back from christmas break. it was a bet made. evidently you can go on line and see him eating worms. i haven't done it. >> i want to check it out. just yes, i did, you're into that. >> eat worms? i don't like things that swim, are you kidding me? was i paying attention? did i hear mount st. mary's? >> yes. >> we have alum here. this is for you two love birds.
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i hope you're happy and watching. 32 now, freezing but overcast sky in emmitsburg at the mount with the wind chill of 26 degrees. galina is hooked up. we got a weather station, we have 300 weather stations in maryland alone on our storm center weathernet. at the volunteer fire department in galina currently 33 degrees but they have a wind chill that knocked into the 20s. we have a very impressive look and that could be scary, if you don't pay attention. most of the stuff not reaching the ground but looks like snow trying to generate back to the west. we're continuing to follow this because it appears we'll stay mostly cloudy and lock in 36 for the 2-degree guarantee. we'll see if we can get flurries on the west side but look for the refreeze and icing as temperatures tail off again tonight. it seems nothing can trump true love, not even a massive whrird. -- blizzard. a florida couple was supposed to get married this weekend. >> the heavy snow cancelled
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flights from baltimore and messed up their special day which you can imagine would be heartbreaking. however as chris martinez shows us this wedding mess turned out to be an impromptu celebration. >> reporter: the sign on a piece of found cardboard tells who shawna hodge is waiting for but the dress she's wearing? that says so much more. >> nothing is gone how we wanted but we're working it out. >> reporter: she was supposed to be married later today at home in orlando. problem was, she was not sure if her groom would make it. you see, shawna's man is a soldier and the airlines did not seem to be on their side. >> flights have been cancelled. delayed, missed. >> reporter: with the wedding party at her side shawna decided she couldn't wait any longer. when cody beckwith finally caught a flight to tampa at midnight she decided the airport would just have to do. [ cheering and applause ]
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>> cody has been traveling for how long? >> too long. >> reporter: is it the way these two pictured their wedding day? not ready. but even with with an audience of strangers and sounds of jets passing by somehow for this couple this wedding is just about perfect. >> cody, do you take shawna michelle hodge to be your lawful wedded wife? >> i do. >> you may now kiss the bride! >> now megan, i want you to meet megan. >> how do you do? >> a third grade teacher from havre de grace and cheerleader. >> and meet danny. and the engagement at a ravens
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game. what a story. >> you have not seen the video? >> no. >> you were dressed as santa claus? >> i was. >> how did it happen? >> i did this for two reasons. one to surprise her. and two, she would not know it was me. i could fail if i had to. i was excited. >> you remember kissing her? >> oh, yeah, many times. >> it worked out in your favor but it's a lot of people to be in front of. should things not go your way. >> right. >> did you think about that? i'm going to be at the stadium in front of everybody, what if she says no? >> yes. i had fast shoes on, training to run away. >> give me the story. >> we met at college at mount st. mary's university. actually on halloween, i guess he likes to dress up. he was a gorilla, now santa. >> love at first sight? >> absolutely.
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six years ago. >> how surprised were you? what were you thinking? i think the more we can roll the video the better. it's so sweet and a big surprise. people love to see the ravens. what were you thinking when this was happening? >> i was kind of confused at first. they said we'll take a picture with santa. i thought, ok, our normal routine. then handed me the football. i thought we'll hold the football in the picture. then i was like, why is everybody looking at me? what is going on? took me a while but then i finally read the ball and was like, no way. who is handing me this ball? i ripped off his beard. i remember doing that. the rest is history. >> how long has this been in your thought process? >> my brother and i worked it out probably two and a half, three months ago. we were progressively making the plans. then the blizzard comes and we were not sure if we would be able to do it or not. >> megan, you had no idea it was coming? >> we spent six years together
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so we had talked about a future together. other than that i didn't think it was going to happen so soon. his brother matt just got engaged. and i didn't think it would happen this soon. i just didn't. >> i had to hurry up. i had ultimatums. >> he just made his masters so i guess everything is falling into place. >> you have a great job. clark turner is treating you well? >> absolutely. >> you're a school teacher, where? >> havre de grace elementary school. >> they don't know yet. >> i haven't seen anybody yet. a few people i work with that texted me, called me to tell me they saw me on tv. a couple of people know. i think it's kind of filtered out. we didn't expect to be on television. that was icing on top of the cake. >> have you set it yet? >> they just got engaged. >> may 2011 we're thinking. >> we'll be free.
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>> we'll go. >> i like that idea. >> the whole crew has to be in santa garb. >> you bet. the troops. >> i'll be mrs. claus. >> what is mrs. claus thinking about this? >> she's happy. >> tiger claus. she's the niece of david craig, the harford county executive. >> great. congratulations to both of you. >> thank you so much. >> a cool way to get engaged, you'll always remember it >> original. >> way to go, santa. christmas at their house? >> it will be fun. >> look who is coming down the chimney. it happens often, you get a gift you don't like. you never plan to use it. >> coming up, we're going to make sure you read the fine print on the receipt. what you should know before you take that gift to the store. and staying warm and staying safe out there on the roads and in the air. how to make holiday travel a successful one. >> and giving back to the people who keep our roads safe. how to help spread christmas cheer for a good cause. details coming up on "good morning maryland."
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we'll be right back.
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it's certainly great to have two ladies here with me this morning. two that are so concerned about our lives they are involved with mothers against drunk drivers, carolyn cash and nancy kelly. they are cooking up cookies for cops. >> we are.
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>> we're going to make cookies and deliver them to the people that protect us in the street? >> that's right. we are most grateful to the police officers for everything they do. every year in maryland. there are about 24,000 drunk driving arrests. each of those arrests is a possible life or lives saved because someone is taken off the road before they have a chance to kill or injury themselves or someone else. this is just our small way of saying thank you to the officer who do this. >> you go into a precinct, what is it like? you bring the cookies in. >> it varies but usually they are just ecstatic. yesterday, i dropped off at a city precinct and over the loud speaker, cookies are in the building. they are very excited to have us thank them this way. >> they are on your team. >> absolutely. >> we have to remember they are part of our team. >> they are the front line. they are the first folks. they are the one avoiding as many crashes as possible by
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making those arrests that nancy referred to. they need to be thangd. they are also in court, without their presence in court we would not be able to make the arrests and follow up with the convictions. >> you've been doing this four years? >> yes. >> four years. we need more bakers? >> we do. >> who wouldn't want to help in this cause? >> what do you want people at home watching now? how can they get involved? >> put this on the calendar for next year after thanksgiving. give us a call. we'll be more than happy to put them in touch with the people who are baking and delivering the cookies. they can get involved that way. >> every time you come in there's always an incident, isn't there? always something in the news. the johns hopkins student that was mowed down. i mean -- and this is why we make the cookies to give to the cops so they can protect us and stop incidents like this, correct? >> absolutely. we need to remember they are out there everyday protecting us and making these arrests. it's more than 24,000 people
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are arrested. that is an immeasurable number of lives saved. this is a simple way to say thank you but it's meaningful to them and that's what matters. >> is this what you give out? >> it's an example, yes. >> look at this. have you ever seen a cop turn down a cookie? has that ever happened? >> not yet. >> i will tell you my neighbor mary and her son mark made the gingerbread men. they are pretty special. >> that's nice. >> boy scouts and girl scouts getting involved, it's great. >> i'm so glad you're doing this. how many have we lost this year? getting to the facts. >> 152 fatalities in 2008. the numbers are always a year behind. it was put the other day to me there has been a decline and someone said we should be exceptionally proud of the way that has been done over the past five years to bring the fatalities down but we should never be content when there is
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a single fatality. from drunk driving. >> i know we're running out of time but i don't care. what are you going to press in january for the legislature? >> our big push will be for the ignition interlock on all convicted drunk drivers. it's a little device that is put on the car and before it can be started the person must blow into it. it registers the blood alcohol content. if it's high it won't start. >> that simple. >> common sense. >> i'm on the road, too, who is against that? >> it was just announced last night that federal legislation is going to withhold highway funding for states who don't pass that. we certainly hope in maryland the general assembly will take action this year and pass our ignition interlock bill. >> thank you for doing this. thank you for being in a court of law every time this happens. thank you for being in annapolis.
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it goes on and on. get involved, cookies for cops, volunteers needed. 1-800-446-maddd or e-mail we're going to shift gears and go back to the weather. remember megan, -- not our megan, but the bride-to-be from the ravens, the video we showed at the top of the show, a third grade teacher at havre de grace. this is the middle school -- she's at the elementary school but we want to show you nearby, we have a weather station and 35 degrees by the water. in harford county, with the winds gusting already to 17 miles per hour. right now a light wind. the wind may pick up as well. as we watch our focus on back towards the west, temperatures are generally ranging from 30 to 35 and our satellite and radar composite highlighting, this is really interesting. this little build-up and flare-up of moisture in response to fast-level winds and little uplift in the atmosphere, watching most of this stuff, looks like it will
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stay to our north and west. actually, i'm going to lead the chance we may have flurries on the west side into the mountains. i still think the air is too dry for a lot of the stuff to reach the ground and needless to say there's enough moisture here to continue to supply us with the clouds. here's the deal, we're watching at least a pattern that will start to change just a little bit and briefly. i still think we'll get back to a very active winter pattern as we head into the end of the year and new year. but this storm diving off the southern california, working its way through the central and southern rockies, this is an el nino charged storm pattern, a lot of energy still charged in the atmosphere, this one will develop into a blizzard and will race into the nation's heartland into the western great lakes. another blizzard to be expected well out ahead of that storm, we may develop some ice as the cold air tries to lock in. at least until christmas morning, while it's going to be widespread heavy snow across the northern plains and western great lakes. today mostly cloudy, maybe a
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flurry far west of town and 36 degrees. tonight we'll settle back to 21. with some icing conditions, redeveloping this evening and overnight as temperature drop below freezing. tomorrow, we get to about 33 degrees with the sunshine. it will actually be a fresh new cold air mass and lows in the teens. in the low to mid-30s on thursday but thickening clouds, then that moisture catches up to the cold air. so it starts as ice christmas morning and likely to turn over to rain as we push 41 by christmas night and rain showers saturday. remember, you can catch us on line at right now we will toss it back to you. it happens every year. you get something you don't like. don't want. >> what did you ever get you didn't like? >> plenty. i know you asked me the worst thing i've ever gotten. a mink coat. i love animals. i couldn't keep it. >> we're going to talk about understanding the returns policy and all that? >> yes, it's confusing. every state has a different law, every store has a different policy.
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christine is here, newly married. the romance theme is staying. what you need to know. >> cup of joe. if you have a charity, group, business, you want a plug for, send your mugs to "cup of joe," 6400 york road, baltimore, 21212.
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it's happened to all of us. you get a gift, maybe it's not the right size or wrong color, just plain wrong. before you grab it and head to the store hang on. christine carter is here. she's going to help us make sense of all the returns. i should say congratulations. >> thank you. >> newly married. >> yes. >> keeping the husband? >> yes. not returning him. >> what do we need to know? >> maryland law is by law a store must have their return policy posted. it has to be posted visibly near the register. has to be on the merchandise or has to be on your receipt. a store does have the right to refuse returning merchandise but regardless of their policy if they sell you something defective they must either return it, repair it or give you a refund. >> are they obligated to tell you the policy or it just needs to be posted? >> just needs to be posted >> we need to be aware of what that is. >> absolutely. >> who is going to read
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something maybe really small on the register when you're rushing to buy stuff? >> that's why it's important to go to the web site or go to the store in advance to find out about the holiday return policy and seasonal return policy. some stores like cosco and kohl's have unlimited return policies. but some stores say all sales are final. some charge you a 15% to 25% restocking fee for items. some don't. it's very important to go on the web site first. >> all sales are final is a kind of a brutal policy, isn't it? >> it's brutal, they still do it but you can always negotiate. if they are interested in keeping you as a customer they will definitely negotiate and return the item or at least give store credit? >> what about exchange? some stores say we are not going to give you money back and you can exchange it? >> exchanges kind of have the same policies? they are going to have the same 15%, to 25% restocking fee. they are going to have the same, perhaps, give you 30, 60,
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90 days. this holiday time period now source are going to be -- stores are going to be a little more lenient about exchanges. what i would recommend, again, go on the web site and find out the exchange policy as well. >> you said maryland, if something is defective or maryland they have to - >> by law. >> what happens when they say we didn't sell it like that? you did that on your own? >> that's a case that you need to take up with the -- i believe it is the small business department here in maryland. they will probably be the avenue to take if someone is persistent about not returning an item. if it's a small business. if it's a larger corporation you can always try to go to another store. even though they are large corporations they do tend to operate differently in store to store. >> what is the best piece of advice you can give somebody doing last-minute shopping and want to make sure, if they didn't love this gift i want them to pick something out they love. >> first, include a gift
9:26 am
receipt with the item. about one in three americans are going to return a gift this year. and gift receipts are no longer faux pas. include it. and secondly i would not go to the mall on december 26th. because in happens to be the highest day for gift card redemption and returns. you will be in line. at customer service if you go to the mall december 26th. >> don't go to the mall on december 26th. if you do, at least be prepared to have company. >> thank you so much. >> nordstrom takes everything back, right? >> yeah. coming up next, no ice, frigid temperature can mean disasters on the road during holiday travel. don't just pack clothes. pack a backup plan. we'll explain. and dr. siegelman will make sure our hands in a good place this winter. working safety into our show this morning. keep your hands safe coming up
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major headaches for those of you traveling over the weekend because of that storm. even this morning things are still a little chaotic for some stranded passengers. we'll never forget alex ike miller who called us saturday saying he was stuck on the tarmac at bwi marshall airport for eight hours trying to get to air jamaica. guess what? that brought out new rules. well, they've been thinking about it for a while. the department of transportation says rules were made to protect us during flight delays. viviana hurtado tells us more. wicked weather delayed and cancelled flights, long lines. these are symptoms travelers are facing as they try to get home for the holidays. >> on that line they couldn't check us in. we had to re-book, the soonest we could get was christmas eve. >> reporter: the weekend blizzard that clobbered the east coast is having repercussions this busy travel week. >> we'll book you when we have it available. >> reporter: that could take
9:31 am
days. many passengers frustrated they may not get home until after christmas. >> it's a disaster. the problem is the way you do the service here. >> reporter: for those who get on a flight, another travel disaster, being stuck on the tarmac for hours. that is about to change. the department of transportation is enacting the rules to give passengers food and water if they've been stranded on a plane for two hours. if they've been stuck for three hours the pilot has to return to the gate and let passengers get off. if they don't the airline could be fined $27,000 per passenger ferviolation. >> no loaning can they use the excuse it's the weather. no longer can they use the excuse, oh, we have a mechanical problem and can't get you off the plane. >> the airlines say they are on board but warn the new rules could cause even more delays and cancellations. travelers this holiday season won't benefit from this new rule because it won't be enforced for four months. viviana hurtado, abc news,
9:32 am
washington. >> since we're talking about traveling many of you are going to be hitting the road. you want to make sure you're going to get there. you're all gassed up, checked tires, oil, what else do you need to know? kyra is here from black & decker, to help us get interest -- there safely. sometimes we don't think about these things. the first one is basic. we forget though, check your liquids. >> make sure your fluids are topped off. checking antifreeze annually will make sure you can withstand that winter cold. aaa suggests a 50/50 mix of coolant and water to prevent it from freezing. >> you say have this in the car no matter what? >> in case you run into the icy or snowy conditions you have a de-icing glass cleaner just for maximum visibility. of course changing wiper blades regularly and keeping the windshield wiper fluids, helps as well. >> check your battery, tires,
9:33 am
belt. >> a lot of people don't think about that but cold weather actually reduces tire pressure, checking it regularly is an essential safety precaution. it's a cost benefit associated with it as well. in fact the person who drives 12,000 miles annually will use about an extra 144,000 of gallons year. with regards to tire pressure this cordless air station by black & decker will help you do that. keep your tires topped off or fully inflate a flat tire in minutes to get back on the road. this is completely cordless. you can store it, use it wherever you need to for quick and easy inflation. >> and you say plan your play list as well as your destination? >> yes, long road trips allow for a lot of times to hear your favorite songs. preload and fully charge your i-pods and other mp-3 players just to avoid from fidgeting with the i-pod or fumbling with cd's on the road.
9:34 am
there's nothing more annoying than losing power in the middle of your favorite song or kids are playing their favorite game. this black & decker power inverter brings household power on the road. you have one usb and one ac outlet so you have wall power in your car. >> you say pack the trunk full of essentials? >> yes, make sure you have the emergency kit packed and ready to go before you get on the road. you want things like a first aid kit, a blanket in case you break down. emergency tools and more than anything, a portable jumpstarter in the vehicle as well. this compact lightweight unit will do the full range of vehicles from compact cars to full-sized suv's. no need for jumper cables or ask anyone for help. you can do it yourself and be back on the road in minutes. >> and snacks and water. >> exactly. >> thank you for coming in. good stuff. great to have one of the best surgeons in our town, dr. keith siegelman.
9:35 am
thank you so much for joining us. i thought you were going to cook but we'll get to that in a second. i want to show you the video. on saturday brian kuebler was in owings mills, a man had a snow blower that was stuck. watch what happens. puts his hand in there to unclog it. and his fingers, just like that. >> call 911! >> we rushed him to union memorial. that's the place to go if you have a hand injury. you say it's probably one of the first times you've seen that captured by a commercial tv station? >> absolutely. we talk about it all the time but never gets visualized on tv because it's usually in the home. there's no tv camera around watching it. >> you see it in snow blowers, you told me about the lawnmower. >> everything. people just forget. they've got to watch their hands. it's a lot of common sense. a snow blower, don't use your hand to unclog it, use a stick, a piece of wood, broom, that kind of thing. my snow blower got clogged over the weekend, i used my broom.
9:36 am
even then you have to be careful because you have to turn the machine off. so that there's an internal energy that slows down before you actually put it in to unclog it. >> the doctor is here because of the christmas holiday coming up here. a lot of people in the kitchen. this is where we really make the common mistakes? >> the most common mistake is cutting. i just brought this orange in for us. when we're cutting there's a tendency to cut down against your hand. that is absolutely the wrong thing to do. we know that but yet we'll see probably a half dozen to a dozen injuries from this holiday season. you just need to remember to cut down against there. because when you cut your hand it's not just a elisabeth elisabeth -- not just a laceration. you can get other injuries. >> and heat on a stove? >> i promised i wouldn't be cooking today but there's a tendency, particularly with oil to use a fork to turn something. if there's any oil in there
9:37 am
that splatters against your hand, these can cause pretty significant burns. the better way to do this, use something with a longer handle. bring it across to avoid it >> bacon? >> that's definitely one of the major ones you see. the thing to remember, if you get a burn, cold water or ice directly. >> right away? >> never put it in butter, oil, that kind of thing because it keeps the heat in. if you start to whrifter you need to go to -- -- blister, you need to go to the emergency room. as you trim your tree, the other thing to talk about, electrical injuries. you're pulling out your tree lights that you've had in there for how many years, put it on and notice a little fray in there. you plug it in, next thing you know, it can knock you right down and can cause serious life-changing injuries. before you trim the tree put the electrical cord with the lights in the wall. make sure it's working before you put it on. >> if by chance we do nick the
9:38 am
finger, what should we do if we do have that severity of cutting a finger off? do we get it and put it in ice? get to the hospital? we're all in a panic. we don't know what to do so what do we do? >> most of the time they are lacerations. you clean it off, soap and water is fine, wrap it in the bandsage and elevate your hand. that controls most of the bleeding. god forbid you get to the point where you remove and sever your finger. take it, you need to find it, take it, put it in a plastic bag or container, then put that on ice and take it right away over to the hospital. there's certain centers like ours that do re-attachments all the time but it's important not to put the part directly on ice, that freezes it and it's not replantable. >> december, you're very busy, you would like to be very slow? >> we would, but one of the things we didn't talk about before, was wrist fractures. >> falling on the snow. you've seen it a lot already? >> and the numbers will go
9:39 am
through the roof because of the weather and ice out there now. >> if you want more call dr. siegelman. you answer your phones? >> absolutely. >> thank you very much for coming in. you have a niece nice hand shake by the way. >> you probably didn't notice his tie but it has handprints. >> come back. look at that. who is all over you? >> this is your hand i think. >> it's a little small. very good. >> i thought it was very funny. we're going to talk, coming up next about saving the earth. goes beyond tossingsing things in a recycling bin. sometimes it's what you keep. and you are going to be amazed. she's one of a kind, on her way to stardom we're going to talk to one of the cast members from "dream girls," at the hippodrome now. when we come back.
9:40 am
>> we're going to have a cloudy day, it's already out there. as opposed to yesterday when the clouds really held off until evening. we have overcast sky in mount airy. we have glen burnie with the clouds trying to filter back in. it looks like dim sun around northern anne arundel county through baltimore city. the clouds will dominate and we'll talk about what the next storm could mean for christmas coming up.
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recycling is the rage but if all you're doing is throwing things in a recycling bin each week you're missing more things you could do to save the planet. >> reporter: drink pouches become cookie pouches, old billboards now backpacks. it's not recycling, it's called upcycling. >> it's the process of taking nonrecyclable material that can be traditionally recycled and find a way to repurpose it into a new product. by doing so you gift it a new life cycle. >> reporter: environmentalists say it's finally taking hold, even the 2010 olympic medals are being made out of recycled electronics but you don't have to win a medal to score. these days designers are proving environmentally friendly can be fashion-friendly, too. check out these picture frames made from vinyl records or coasters and clocks from circuit boards and cd's. >> it's really opening people's eyes to the . >> reporter: so much so now there are entire businesses
9:44 am
built around the trend. >> we are reusing millions of wrappers and bags and pouches that would otherwise go to landfill, replacing the need for virgin material. for every backpack someone buy made from waste. >> reporter: and upcycle sales are hot. >> i bought presents. a lot of garden supplies over the years. >> reporter: even mainstream stores like wal-mart, target and home depot are carrying re-made merchandise or selling their waste to stores that do upcycle. >> people found that not only is it good for the planet but for business as well. >> it makes me feel good to buy upcycled products. it makes me feel as if i'm contributing to the health the planet even when just shopping. >> reporter: good for customers who love to turn trash into treasure, christian schaffer, abc2 news. >> you can also upcycle on your
9:45 am
own. making something from the waste you have around the house. for example, like, oldowing curt cups -- -- yogurt cups, great for change holders or flower pots. saisha is on her way to stardom but before she hits hollywood she's stopping in baltimore with the cast from "dreamgirls." the show is amazing. we'll hear about it when we come back.
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if you saw the movie and think i can skip it on the stage my friends, you are wrong. "dreamgirls" is in town, the show is spectacular. the talent, the set, the costumes, the choreography, the music, it's seriously amazing. you're seeing a piece of it now but we've been talking about it since it debuted in new york city and now it's in baltimore. one of the stars, she plays dina jones is here. you're one of the main characters. wow, what a show. do you love it? >> i absolutely love "dreamgirls." i grew up on the music. we all grew up on the music, my entire family. i remember in high school i would sing "an i am telling
9:49 am
you" when our family and friends came. i'm definitely familiar with everything it's a dream come true to be playing this and to open up at the apollo, it was so surreal. every night we were actually looking out in the audience and we were there, not just talking about it. >> we should say, you have got to be exhausted night after night. you are in baltimore for a while. you're here until the 27th. does it get to you after a while? it's not just a lot of singing, there's a lot of dancing. there's a jam-packed show. >> it's a lot. after the show is done i really feel like i just ran a marathon because you have 15-second changes, we're constantly changing, there's so many dance sets. eats lot -- it's a lot. i'm never just backstage. i'm constantly on stage. if i'm off stage i'm changing. >> i was going to say there's
9:50 am
580 costumes. and one song where you guys are on set and you literally, it's almost like you walk backstage and walk back out and you're in a whole new outfit. >> scene. >> have there been wardrobe malfunctions? >> yeah, it's live theater. it happens. some people notice, some don't. maybe the people who have seen it about five times notice it if you're first time you may not notice it. that's the beauty of live theater. you just have to keep going. there's been times where you put on the wrong wig and have i to go on stage. you just got to keep going. you work with it. >> dina jones was the character that beyonce knowles played. that is the character you're playing. eddie murphy starred in the movie, everybody loved the movie. i've heard that as an excuse to not see it on the stage. it's into the good excuse. >> there's nothing like just
9:51 am
sitting in the audience and experiencing a live theatrical version of a show. it's just, i mean, sometimes i wish i could sit in the audience and just take it all in, the music is so beautiful, the choreography amazing. just every aspect, the lights, the characters, they come to life on stage. there's actually two songs that are in this production of "dreamgirls" that weren't in the original. that is not on the movie. one is "what love can do," in the second act. i actually sing that. it's like, right when you're embarking upon our first world tour. then there's the 5:00 member for the second act which is "dreamgirls." not "dreamgirls" -- listen. it's a new song they reworked into the production. >> how do you describe a set like that? that set is incredible. >> gosh. we had the original set
9:52 am
designer who designed everything, robin wagner. that's all i can say. >> it's hard to describe, isn't it? >> before we started rehearsing we sat in the audience at the apollo and they showed us everything, the l.e.d. panels moving, the lights. we were like, oh, my gosh. we were like little kids for christmas. >> where do you go from here? what happens next? after you're done touring? >> i'm actually in the process of working on an album. i've been working on my album since "american idol" ended, since the tour ended. i'm actually going to be doing some original songs at the house of blues in chicago. on january 25th. i'm so excited about that. i haven't really did any original music for anyone. i'm going to give my fans a little surprise. yeah, i definitely love acting and i love films. i see myself doing film at some point. i don't know what is going to come first.
9:53 am
i just take it day by day. >> i think you're about to explode. i think a lot of the stars are. >> oh, thank you. >> best of luck to you. enjoy baltimore. go get some crab cakes. have fun. let's put the information up there about "dreamgirls." the number to call is on the screen. it runs up until the 27th. you have time. i saw it twice. it's ridiculous but it's worth it. it's so good. justin? i don't know if you've got plans but you should definitely go see it. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> we're graced with such talent in the studio and i'm wearing boots with a suit. if i had known i would have planned accordingly. >> speaking of embarrassing. we got the snow and ice on the ground still, 34 baltimore. we've come up a little bit. i don't expect much more to happen today because we've got a lot of cloudy skies building in, thickening up and 32 now you in easton. while we had partly sunny conditions during the early morning hours it appears as if the clouds are really trying to take over. what we've been watching here
9:54 am
looks like snow, it's not reaching the ground. don't get excited, kids, who are off school and want a fresh coating. maybe a flurry far west but a lot of this this stuff really assigned to fast winds in the atmosphere. we're going to shift our focus back towards the great lakes now. this extends basically from about madison, wisconsin, through chicago, one to three-inch snowfall for them. lighter amounts also across the ohio valley. we reinforce cold air but then we're actually going to watch that storm hitting those areas with a blizzard. and then ice storm as we head through christmas and we'll get a taste of that christmas day. 36, mostly cloudy today, tonight refreeze. that's the issue. icing up again this evening, overnight, 21. quick peek at the rest of the week into the weekend. tomorrow, sunshine but colder, 33. lows in the teens. 36 and clouding up christmas eve day. after midnight we build in the chance of some ice which means snow, sleet, freezing rain in the morning of christmas. then turning to rain in the afternoon with a high of 41. more rain showers on saturday and we will be right back after this.
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>> tonight at 6:00, norm lewis hangs up the clicker after 1 years in baltimore. 31 years in baltimore. stay tuned tonight and say goodbye to the chief.
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